Mission Statement

Our Philosophy of a food service operation is to fulfill the basic goal of service delicious and nutritious food on a consistent basis by a knowledgeable and professional food service team at a reasonable price. We believe that a business’ food service should be one of the major corner stone’s of an employee’s life. Since this is a service of a very personal nature, the importance of an effective food service program becomes obvious.

When we examine the meal break, we find the need of the working person to be at rest from the work environment. The mind and body need refueling for the approaching hours.

We feel that the menu content should reflect our concerns for nutrition and that great attention be paid to developing menu selections that are nutritionally balanced with an emphasis on less fat and sodium. Further, it is our intention to do “scratch cooking”, utilizing fresh seasonal ingredients for soups, sauces, roasts, vegetables, and desserts whenever possible. Although this will result in additional preparation labor, it will simultaneously reduce the purchasing of expensive prepared foods and result in a lower overall cost. The net effect will be fresher and tastier foods without an increase in costs.

With our leaner administration, we eliminate the corporate maze of hierarchy found in large corporations. Because of our size and location in the Reading area, your concerns will be handled by the president of our company along with our employees directly servicing your company.

When striving to develop a highly acceptable food service program, it is crucial to seek the involvement of the employees. Along with the food service committee or company liaison, we hope to foster an attitude, camaraderie, and culture that will pervade throughout the company’s employees.

We understand the importance of the customers and encourage them to make suggestions that we will implement. We are a food service company that is dedicated to meeting your needs and expectations.

Finally, it should be noted that this challenge is not accomplished overnight and therefore, provides the impetus for the constant development of excellence.