Micro Market

Welcome to the next level of service in the vending industry!

Professional Culinary Services with transform your vending machine program into a self-service Micro Market. It offers the expanded variety of a convenience store and freshness of a deli right in your lunchroom.

What is a Micro Market?

  • Replaces traditional Vending Equipment with self-service refrigerators, shelves, and a self-service terminal kiosk that allows for a more inviting shopping experience.
  • Utilizes a room or designated area that can be monitored with security cameras.
  • Employees shop from hundreds of item choices.
  • Customer completes purchase at a Fast Self Check-Out Kiosk with ability to purchase multiple products with one transaction.

Quick Check-Out Process

  • Customer Chooses Selection(s).
  • Scans standard UPC Barcode on product at Kiosk.
  • Kiosk totals purchase and prompts the customer through payment procedure.

Benefits of a Micro Market

  • Unlimited Variety
  • Convenience Shopping
  • “Touch & Feel”
  • Value Sized Products
  • Non-Food Product & Amenities
  • Promotions
  • Quick Checkout Process
  • Multiple Payment Options